Familiarize yourself with the underlings of the Skull Cross Gang in the latest series of CFN Portal profiles

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The Skull Cross Gang’s mookish underlings get their day in the limelight!

After examining the remaining bosses of the Skull Cross Gang in the first CFN Portal profiles of 2018, the Shadaloo Combat Research Institute returns to 1995’s Final Fight 3 to look at the files on some of the lesser underlings of the Skull Cross Gang. As always, Private Nakagawa returns to dutifully convey Shadaloo’s findings, while also adding in some of his own personal commentary on the individuals.

We begin with the psychotic brawler clad in a sports uniform: Hunter.

Private Nakagawa: “A sinister masked man who carries a baseball bat. He approaches you while muttering something… Scary!”


Basic Info:

Name: Hunter
Height: 189cm
Weight: 90kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: January 7th
Country of Origin: Unknown
Likes: Delusions
Dislikes: Sports

Private Nakagawa: “What does it mean that he hates sports when he’s wearing baseball attire? He’s a member of a gang that operates in the city. He approaches you from behind your back and maims you mercilessly with his bat. It’s rumored that under his mask he’s actually a very handsome man.”

Next up is the eccentric and hyperactive Joe.

Private Nakagawa: “A strange, eccentric dresser. He wears what seems to be a gas mask. Hay fever, perhaps?”


Basic Info:

Name: Joe
Height: 164cm
Weight: 50kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August 1st
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Nuts
Dislikes: Grasshoppers, Praying Mantises

Private Nakagawa: “He toys with his opponents with his rapid movements. He’s continuously moving, a man who doesn’t know the meaning of calmness. He loves to stand out, and desperately tries to do what others don’t. He hates all green insects. His favorite type of nut is cashew.”

Moving on, let’s take a look at the powerful Arby.

Private Nakagawa: “A strong, powerful giant. He frequently changes jobs, using his strength to seek employment as a bodyguard for various organizations.”


Basic Info:

Name: Arby
Height: 191cm
Weight: 179kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: March 21st
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Eating, Sleeping
Dislikes: Horror Movies

Private Nakagawa: “He’s interested in sumō wrestling since he saw it on TV once, and learned as an autodidact how to do harite” [The standard sumō palm strike. It’s not technically a slap (see Honda’s Hyakuretsu harite often translated as “100 hand slap”).] “and buchikamashi.” [Sumō’s name for the head/shoulder block, often done at the start of a match. In Japanese pro wrestling it’s used as an alternative name for the regular Shoulder Block if executed by a former sumō wrestler like Takeshi Rikiō.] “He’s unexpectedly helpful with people, and often shoulders his friend’s debts. It seems he doesn’t actually work for the money; instead, he’s only searching for a place to show off his strength and fully demonstrate his abilities.”

Continuing on, the next member is Billy.

Private Nakagawa: “A psyched-up man with eye makeup and a mohawk. He’s weak in a fight, but nevertheless likes to be noisy and cause havoc. He’s the sort of man that likes the means more than the results.”


Basic Info:

Name: Billy
Height: 181cm
Weight: 68kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May 31st
Country of Origin: UK
Likes: Being Noisy, Friends
Dislikes: Boasters

Private Nakagawa: “He moved to the U.S. from the U.K. just two years ago. He came to live with an acquaintance, befriended during a punk band concert. Eventually, when he and his friend were fooling around, they ended up in a gang. It seems he knows romantic literature and theater unexpectedly well.”

Next up is iron-clawed Rick.

Private Nakagawa: “He hits with equipped iron claws! Special attention must be paid to his rushing attacks. Once he’s knocked out, he lies on the ground for awhile; because of this, there’s a rumor he regenerates his health bar during that. (He actually doesn’t do it in-game.”)


Basic Info:

Name: Rick
Height: 198cm
Weight: 98kg
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: March 5th
Country of Origin: Columbia
Likes: Grinding, Tooth brushing
Dislikes: Meat

Private Nakagawa: “He became a gang member after being invited by a man whom he got to know in prison. He has the bad habit of reducing the street signboards to pieces with his claws. Hey, kids, it’s property damage! Don’t imitate him!”

Next up is one of the lowest-ranking members of the Skull Cross Gang, G.

Private Nakagawa: “Mr. G loves himself. He has no relation at all with that ‘other’ G. As a good delinquent, every day he works hard towards his evil deeds. His slight clumsiness makes him somewhat attractive.”


Basic Info:

Name: G
Height: 172cm
Weight: 77kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: April 2nd
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: His Hairstyle
Dislikes: Money Management

Private Nakagawa: “His favorite attack is the Kenka Kick” [Standard name for the running frontal kick, aka “Running Big Boot”. Its original name was Yakuza kick (because it was used by Masahiro Chōno, who played the part of a yakuza man), but, because of the Japanese TV censorship, it was changed into the neutered kenka, “brawl”.] “The ‘G’ stands for ‘Great.’ Because he cannot maintain his hairstyle on rainy days, he usually doesn’t work when it does. He’s very generous and always treats his friends to dinner, but as he doesn’t pay attention to his money, he usually ends up skint in no time.”

Let’s continue onward to the grenade-tossing Fritz.

Private Nakagawa: “This man loves his Stielhandgranaten beyond all else. The warm feeling of their wooden stalks causes him to never want to leave them… That’s daaangerous!”


Basic Info:

Name: Fritz
Height: 158cm
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: October 26th
Country of Origin: Germany
Likes: The Smell of Gunpowder, Fireworks
Dislikes: Hamburgers

Private Nakagawa: “His family-owned business went bankrupt, and just when he found himself in financial crisis, he discovered in the warehouse of his late father, a large mass of hand grenades. He used them to assault a bank, then he joined a criminal group. Now he’s supporting a criminal organization for which he smuggles weapons.”

Finally, we have G’s partner, Johnny.

Private Nakagawa: “Johnny is a silent person. He has a quick punch, probably that of a former boxer. He has a short temper, and frequently causes brawls.”


Basic Info:

Name: Johnny
Height: 186cm
Weight: 88kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: May 4th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Hip-hop dance
Dislikes: His Brother

Private Nakagawa: “He had an older brother who dreamt about becoming a professional boxer, but became a gang member when Johnny was 10. His brother tried to justify himself saying that he needed money to help the family, but Johnny didn’t accept it and ran away from home. Years later, Johnny learned that his brother was gunned down shortly after he had run away. He became a gang member himself to find out the culprit.”

That wraps up another round of CFN Portal profiles, with four more members of the Skull Cross Gang left to go. For those who’ve played Final Fight 3, do you have any memories of facing this motley crew of mooks? Which one was your favorite? After the Skull Cross Gang is fully profiled, who would you like to see Shadaloo data on next? Sound off in the comments.

Special thanks to Midgardsorm for translations and footnotes.

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