Meet the rest of the Skull Cross Gang bosses in the first CFN Portal profiles of 2018

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The Shadaloo Combat Research Institute returns to chronicle more members of the Skull Cross Gang!

After last profiling the first three bosses of Final Fight 3’s Skull Cross Gang back in December, the Shadaloo Combat Research institute’s archives have opened once again, providing us with the first CFN Portal profiles of 2018. As always, Private Nakagawa returns to bring his expert insight and narration of Shadaloo’s vast intel.

First up, we have another mysterious “800th” profile, bearing a similar resemblance to the Institute’s data file on the legendary Sheng Long, that we covered just over a year ago. This appears to be chronicling a top player of the card game “Hado Stone,” Mike Lunn! (Just like Sheng Long, this profile was only available for 24 hours, and can no longer be publicly viewed on the site.)

Unnamed Narrator: “Today I’d like to introduce a famous player of the popular card battle game, Hado Stone. He was the winner of the last tournament.”


Basic Info:

Name: Mike Lunn
Height: 6’3
Weight: 180 lbs
Blood Type: B
Birthdate: January 2nd
Country of Origin: USA
Likes:  Hado Stone
Dislikes: Traffic jams

Unnamed Narrator: “A young man with a wonderful smile. At the previous world’s championship, he defeated the super-strong Peter with his overwhelming techniques and cheerful disposition. His favorite character is Cammy. He donated all of his prize money, which made headlines!”

We now return to properly-numbered canonical profiles with the next Final Fight 3 boss: the former sailor-turned-pirate, Drake.

Private Nakagawa: “He uses a giant anchor as a weapon. The very picture of a ship’s captain, huh? Seamen are cool!”


Basic Info:

Name: Drake
Height: 220cm
Weight: 177kg
Blood Type: A
Birthday: February 2nd
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Calamari, Earning Money
Dislikes: Being ignored

Private Nakagawa: “He’s a giant man who owns a remodeled ship and appears at the port heading up a bunch of thugs. It looks like he belongs to a suspicious organization, on behalf of which he smuggles weapons. He possesses astounding physical abilities, and often jumps very high and comes from above with a Hip Attack.”

Next up, we have Wong, the master chef who uses his restaurant as a way to spy on rivals and smuggle arms throughout Chinatown.

Private Nakagawa: “A gangster with a pigtail and a rosary. He owns a Chinese restaurant… But what’s his true face?”


Basic Info:

Name: Wong
Height: 204cm
Weight: 189kg
Blood Type: 0
Birthday: February 6th
Country of Origin: USA
Likes: Creative Cookery
Dislikes: Early Rising

Private Nakagawa: “The boss behind the curtain of Chinatown, who gathers information while managing his restaurant. He distributes the weapons that come by the port. His voice is so husky that it’s quite difficult to understand what he’s saying. He’s cute when he smiles.”

Moving on, we now take a look at the Skull Cross Gang’s personal hit-man, Stray.

Private Nakagawa: “An eerie-looking man with a coat and sunglasses. He oozes an extraordinary bloodlust! Loves dark places…”


Basic Info:

Name: Stray
Height: 199cm
Weight: 100kg
Blood Type: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Country of Origin: Unknown
Likes: The Smell of Blood
Dislikes: A Life without Thrills and Stimulation

Private Nakagawa: “He’s equipped with spiked brass knuckles and metallic prosthetic arms. A fearless man with powerful punches. He hides the fact he’s a serial killer, while operating for a certain organization. It seems he’s somehow linked to Dean[Stray killed Dean’s family, so in FF3’s story, Dean avenged them by killing him.]

Finally, we have the leader of the Skull Cross Gang, the nefarious ex-mercenary Black.

Private Nakagawa: “A muscular man with an eyepatch. He dons a mark very similar to our own Shadaloo’s skull.”


Basic Info:

Name: Black
Height: 203cm
Weight: 169kg
Blood Type: B
Birthday: March 13th
Country of Origin: Unknown
Likes: Control, Battlefields
Dislikes: Blitzes, Traitors

Private Nakagawa: “A former mercenary who belonged to a special unit. He maintains a private army composed of ex-soldiers. He’s a killing machine, a master of the knife and several other martial arts. It’s rumored he has ties to the criminal organization Mad Gear.”

And with that we’ve reached the end of the Final Fight 3 bosses, but keep checking back here on Shoryuken, as the next set of CFN profiles will begin covering the twelve underlings of the Skull Cross Gang.

Do you have any fond memories of facing these bosses back in the day? Which one of them is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

Sources: CFN Portal; Special thinks to Midgardsorm and TrueBackLash of the SRK Forums for translations and footnotes

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