Combos for old and new characters abound in this The King of Fighters XIV version 3.0 roundup

By on April 13, 2018 at 2:00 pm

As you may already know, The King of Fighters XIV version 3.0 brings with it a host of balance changes, as well as new characters. As such, the KoF faithful have been hard at work dissecting the new patch. While it’s barely been a day since the patch hit, a number of players have already figured out things for both new and old characters alike.

Being a newcomer to the series in general, there’s a lot of interest in Arabian newcomer Najd. Right now, people are just figuring out how to deal damage with her in her combos, such as in this video by Shiki.

While, as the video above states, her initial damage seems to be low, they were able to figure out an 800 damage combo with her.

In addition to Najd, Shiki’s also been figuring out stuff for returning fan-favorite Blue Mary, such as this combo.

As well as sharing a tip on getting one of her links down.

Here’s another Blue Mary combo from KOF da Depressao, demonstrating a double MAX Mode activation series.

Wauhti demonstrates a similar combo, this time from mid-screen.

Moving on to the other new character, we have this Oswald combo from KCOpedro.

Additionally, HB Hollaback posted a video to remind players about how Oswald’s “Heart” special move can negate and even reflect projectiles.

Meanwhile, diz focuses on Heidern, and how his forward and B (light kick) leads to a hard knockdown when juggled into, leading into some mix-up opportunities.

Moving on to the older characters, Chris “Hellpockets” Fields demonstrates how Joe Higashi players no longer have to delay cancel the Golden Tiger super after his Slash Kicks to get the full juggle.

Shiki on the other hand, demonstrates how Shun’ei now has an easier time crossing up with his jump D.

El Rosa meanwhile showcases how Ramon’s light punch feint step leads to a hard knockdown.

Wauhti demonstrates how Angel’s command grab can now lead to okizeme opportunities using her “teleport”.

SAB-CA demonstrates how Tung Fu Rue can use his Senpuu Gouken to punish projectiles, even super ones.

Speaking of punishes, White-AshX demonstrates how Mian can now punish whiffed DPs with a devastating 5-bar combo.

Moving on to combos doing big damage, Straywolf demonstrates a new max damage combo for Hein.

Tortilla, on the other hand, showcases a new corner combo that Sylvie Paula Paula can use.

Of course, not everything people are posting is about new tech or combos — Benimaru, for example, has a few nerfs, as demonstrated by these videos from KCOpedro.

One character who definitely wasn’t nerfed is Vanessa who, aside from getting better frame data, seems to have a new stun combo, replacing the one SNK removed as this video from GeOs demonstrates.

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