The King of Fighters XIV’s version 3.0 update brings a boatload of balance changes, on top of new characters

By on April 12, 2018 at 11:00 am

The King of Fighters XIV’s new version 3.0 patch is now live. While the main focus of the patch for many will be the four new DLC characters – Oswald, Najd, Heidern, and Blue Mary – it also brings with it a host of balance changes for the existing cast.

The patch brings both general system changes as well as character-specific changes, meant to improve the game’s overall balance. On the system side of things, the changes include fixing a bug allowing charged moves to retain their charge in situations where they shouldn’t, standardizing the properties of evasive rolls, and more.

The character-specific changes are also quite extensive, with a number of characters receiving multiple adjustments to a lot of their moves. In fact, they’re so extensive that the entire change log fills out 31 pages. Players looking to learn how their characters may have changed can check the change log directly from SNK.


Source: SNK

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