Team Spooky streamed a BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tournament at Next Level using the latest build

By on April 12, 2018 at 5:00 pm
bbtagnextlevel gameplay

Arc System Works graciously supplied a pre-release build of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle to New York City’s premiere fighting game space, Next Level. The weekly event, Next Level Battle Circuit, featured the upcoming game in a first-to-one tournament that lasted a little over two hours. With a wide variety of entrants, just about every character received a little stage time.

At the beginning, tune in to Omnisscythe’s matches if you want to see some Makoto in action. He paired her up with Gordeau, which seems like a good fit to cover Makoto’s weaknesses. There’s no shortage of Ruby and Weiss players; those two are regarded fairly strong by the community, at least in their impressions so far. One of the players to look out for is Method|Flux, who uses Nu-13 and Weiss. Flux recently posted a BBTAG mechanics overview, laying out some competitive advice. PAG|Grover also shows up, using Yu Narukami and Ruby. The two face off against each other in the finals. Their matches are quite exciting, as the two already have some experience with the game.

Check it out below, and if you want more footage, we covered videos showcasing BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle special intros.

Source: Team Spooky

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