Multi-character combo video for BlazBlue: Central Fiction shows what makes each fighter special

By on April 10, 2018 at 7:00 pm
blazblue community cups

The era of BlazBlue: Central Fiction is far from over, and the community keeps proving that point. XIIIBlades and Tao teamed up to create a new combo video that covers many of the characters on the large cast. Get ready for an eclectic showing with stylish combinations that demonstrate why this game is still worth playing.

Over a catchy remix song, the video starts with the protagonist, Ragna, and turns to a pretty rare character next, Relius, who performs an interesting loop in the corner. XIIIBlades typically plays Jin, so it’s not surprising to see some cool combos with Ice Fang — I had no idea you could follow up the regular Distortion Drive with an Overdrive activation into the stronger version! It feels like the theme of the video is side-switching; there is a lot of good juggling and maneuvering from Relius and Bang, especially when Bang teleports behind Nine. The witch herself also shows off what she can do.

Check out the video below — and if you’re looking for something more individual, check out this BlazBlue Hazama and Terumi combo video.

Source: XIIIBlades

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