Street Fighter V Season 3.5 roundup: Sakura Hanakaze setups, Alex meaties, Ken and Balrog changes, and more!

By on April 9, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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More tech to take into your training room!

The community is still sorting out the aftermath of the surprise Season 3.5 balance patch for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition that dropped last week. This patch meant some changes — in some cases slight, in many cases significant — for every character. Here are  a few examples of what the cast can do in SFV’s new normal.

NurseLee took Sakura into the lab to put together some Hanakaze throw setups for Sakura:

With the reversion of Alex’s standing jab, NurseLee reminds us what meaties can be performed with it again:

Peter Souvannarath offers this example of how Dhalsim 3.5 can utilize his fiery techniques:

World-Warrior shares an overview of how Ken has changed in the new patch:

Joutai expands on this with a V-Trigger I mix-up.

Brian_F looks at the changes to Balrog in the new patch:

Urien players can catch a bit of tech for the tyrant (from Twitter) below:

And as usual, there’s no stopping desk from pushing the limits of SFV’s mechanics!

The new patch also introduced a new invisibility bug

Thanks to everyone that sent in tips! If you’ve got some SFVAE tech to share, drop us a line on our tipline.

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