Should you play Es? Learn about the pros and cons of the BlazBlue: Central Fiction character

By on April 8, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Maybe you’ve had your eyes on BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s Es for a while, but weren’t really sure about the character’s strengths and weaknesses. Apolo is back with a second video, this time, switching gears to the other Arc System Works fighter (he covered Guilty Gear’s Ramlethal in his previous work).

Es is an intermediate character, friendly to beginners, but with plenty of depth. At the outset, it’s easy to poke with her long sword, so she has an easy time in the mid-range neutral. She has great anti-airs as well, letting her defend against jump-ins easily. Once you land a blow, most of her combos aren’t very difficult, though they are on the lower damage spectrum in BBCF. There is a lot of room for creativity with her Drive, however. The Crest Arts offer a lot of combo flexibility and some advanced okizeme setups.

As for her weaknesses, Apolo mentions the complexity of advanced sequences that are required to truly shine with the character on a competitive level. Her offense actually has some gaps, especially if she goes for her overhead attacks or command grab.

For more on Es, check out a recent BBCF Es combo video.

Source: Apolo Loussalier

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