Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup — Android 21’s touch-of-death, Solar Flare okizeme, and more!

By on April 8, 2018 at 5:00 pm
DBFZ Krillin Intro

Welcome, West City Warriors! Yesterday we showed off the DLC characters’ latest tech in Dragon Ball FighterZ — but this is a sandbox fighter, and more importantly, this is a Dragon Ball sandbox fighter. That means we should never neglect the main cast, because there’s always more to discover! We have to go even further beyond.

Let’s see what the community has sent in today:

datHazy gives us a number of combo options for the Cell/A. Gohan/Goku Black team composition.

BlaQNYC Vids shows off the lockdown and reset potential of Krillin’s Solar Flare.

rooflemonger breaks down Android 21’s 0-bar touch-of-death combo execution and practicality.

Once A.Gohan’s potential is unlocked, you can take these combos from playergodaines for a spin!

Clayton chapman continues to find new combo states and possibilities for the whole cast.

Finally, closing us out today is dyllancrazy‘s A. Gohan trap post throw-break. I wonder what other characters can trap as well as this after a failed Dragon Rush?

Thanks to everyone that has Spirit Bomb’d a tip in! If you see something that you think is worth sharing, be sure to lend us your energy here.

Sources: datHazyplayergodainesrooflemongerBlaQNYC VidsClayton chapmandyllancrazy

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