BornFree interviews CLN|Yohosie, the player with all the Dragon Ball FighterZ tech

By on April 8, 2018 at 10:00 am
DBFZ Gotenks

If you haven’t heard of CLN|Yohosie yet, you’ve been missing out on a key player in the Dragon Ball FighterZ scene. Having made numerous setup and tech videos, Yohosie’s Twitter is a must-follow if you’re looking for some dirty and flashy offense. Arising as one of the strongest players in the scene, Yohosie sat down to talk to BornFree at NorCal Regionals 2018.

The conversation starts out with talk about her hometown and nickname (her name is actually Hosie). They transition into DBFZ talk; Yohosie’s team consists of Android 16, Gotenks, and Vegeta. Of the three, the conversation focuses on Gotenks, whom has been a slept-on character in the fighting game community. She’s spoken with players like Echo Fox|Sonic Fox, arguing that Gotenks is stronger than the FGC believes. Yohosie dissects various aspects of DBFZ, sharing her initial impressions and mentioning that she would like to see an additional defensive technique in the game.

Check out the conversation below, and make sure to give Yohosie a follow on Twitter. In case you missed it, read up on NCR 2018 results on Shoryuken.

Sources: BornFree; Yohosiefgc (Twitter)

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