Dragon Ball FighterZ Bardock & Broly roundup — Touch-of-deaths, Broly duos, and more!

By on April 7, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Hello, West City Warriors! Welcome back to another Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup. You must really be liking the Bardock/Broly DLC, because you have absolutely destroyed our tipline this week with videos for just these two characters. Let’s jump in and see what the FGC has cooked up this week!

If you haven’t looked into Broly yet and wanted a beginner-oriented rundown, rooflemonger can get you up to speed!

He also has some Bardock basic combos to get started with, too.

Combo innovator Clayton chapman shows off his ideas for Broly, Bardock, and… Pikachu.

Multi-Game combo specialist Boodendorf shows off a cute Ginyu gimmick in the middle of this Broly video that I’m surprised I haven’t seen before.

Thorane shows off his 5.2k damage, meter positive combo for Broly’s command grab.

SpartanThrone has a number of position specific touch-of-death combos for Bardock.

COMBONAUTS‘s combo exhibition for Broly shows off lots of impractical flash, including his DHC bug.

And to close us out today, sikshot gaming‘s On-Block series is back to cover Goku’s Dad.

Thanks to everyone that has Spirit Bomb’d a tip in! If you see something that you think is worth sharing, be sure to lend us your energy here.

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