Take a closer look at the effects of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Season 3.5 changes with these character breakdowns

By on April 6, 2018 at 11:00 am
SFV Arcade Edition

With the freshly-released Season 3.5 balance patch for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition hitting us like a wake-up Shoryuken (the kind with invincibility) this week, World Warriors all across the globe are scrambling to see what the latest round of alterations for the entire 30-character roster mean for their favorite fighters. We’ve compiled a series of analysis videos, from covering a variety of the cast in these early days.

First off, VesperArcade takes a look at the controversial buffs and quality-of-life improvements to Cammy White — despite the Delta Red member already being considered a top 5 character in the previous version of the game, and how this could seem questionable in comparison to other tenets of Capcom’s patching philosophy with the game.

TheRedGambit provides us with great pre and post-patch breakdowns for Juri Han (clad in her new Lilith Darkstalkers Crossover Costume) as many seemed confused on what the patch’s full implications were for the Poison Spider.

HDJammerz shows us the fruit’s of R. Mika’s wrestling training, as well as an interesting stealth change to her “Steel Chair” V-Trigger II that was left out of the official notes.

Thu Yaj and DeadAceBS analyze the interesting modifications to the Wandering Warrior himself: Ryu.

DeadAceBS also takes a look at everyone’s favorite boxer, Balrog, who received huge buffs to his B3 V-Trigger II.

BGCallisto looks at the improvements to Season 3’s first new challenger, Sakura Kasugano.

Rush G takes a look at the practical buff applications for the fiery Ken Masters, who received great improvements to his Step Kick V-Skill.

BlackPantherN7 looks at the changes for the trio of Menat, Laura Matsuda, and the recently-released Blanka.

Being Vice-President of the Secret Society has its benefits, as changes to the recovery of some normals have allowed Urien to regain his Dangerous Headbutt loops, as demonstrated by Dragon Soul.

Finally, Rainacide looks at what’s different for Shadaloo’s Dictator, M. Bison.

There’s surely going to be more tech and discoveries coming in the weeks and months ahead, but hopefully these overviews will give you a good idea of where most of the cast currently stands, and how you can adapt to or best utilize the changes to your fighters of choice. You can also check out SonicSol’s thoughts on Nash for more.

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