Old dragon vs. new dragon, History Behind the Warrior looks at how Liu Kang has changed in the latest Mortal Kombat games

By on April 6, 2018 at 8:00 pm

Just about every fighting game has “that” character — the dedicated warrior who spends time honing their craft, who somehow becomes the hero in the game’s plot. For Street Fighter it’s Ryu, for Virtua Fighter it’s Akira, and for Mortal Kombat it was — or it used to be — Liu Kang. However, Liu Kang isn’t exactly been the same these days, owing to various developments in the series’ overarching storyline.

In their latest episode, History Behind the Warrior takes a unique look at Liu Kang. Instead of just a general history, this episode instead focuses on the changes that have happened to Liu Kang, specifically between his versions from the old timeline and the new timeline as established in Mortal Kombat 9.

Source: History Behind the Warrior

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