Expert Mode is coming to ARIKA’s Fighting EX Layer

By on April 5, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Alongside the reveal of Hayate and Sanane last week, ARIKA president Akira Nishitani also mentioned that a new mode would be coming to Fighting EX Layer. Now, we know what that mode is: Expert Mode.

A recent video post by ARIKA’s Ichiro Mihara shows off how Expert Mode works. Veterans may remember Expert Mode from the Street Fighter EX games, where it’s analogous to the trial modes in other fighting games.

Players pick a fighter and then try to complete one of a number challenges for that character. These challenges are ranked according to difficulty, with the video example showing off C, D, and E rank listing for trials — though we assume that we’ll get A and B rank ones in the final game.

Fighting EX Layer is set to launch on PlayStation 4 sometime later this June.

Source: Ichiro Mihara

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