Skullgirls, Fate/stay night, Avatar? – Arc System Works asks what other series players would love to see added to BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

By on April 3, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Despite only having BlazBlue in the title, Arc System Works’ BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle actually combines a number of franchises into one tag team fighting game. In addition to the titular series, it also has characters from Persona 4 ArenaUnder Night In-Birth EXE:Late, as well as the anime series RWBY.

That said, for some players, that just might not be enough, and they might want characters from other series to join in as well! That was part of the focus of a recent Facebook Live stream by Arc System Works from Sakuracon 2018. During the stream, Arc System Works America’s president asked some fans about what characters and franchises they’d like to see added into the game, stating that ArcSys is listening to fans’ tweets and suggestions.

The interesting thing, however, involves the franchises that they did mention. One of these was none other than Skullgirls. The Marvel-esque tag-team fighter has become a cult favorite in the fighting game community, and ArcSys says that it being added into BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle could be a possibility, thanks to the fact that ArcSys publishes the game in Japan.

Another popular series mentioned was Fate/stay night series. This series’ sister franchise from Type-Moon, Tsukihime, already has a fighting game franchise in Melty Blood, however, Fate hasn’t really hit it big in fighting games yet, outside of a couple of spin-off titles.

Finally, they also mentioned Nickelodeon’s Avatar: the Last Airbender. This series (and its sequel The Legend of Korra) is such a ripe series for creating a fighting game from that it’s surprising that no one has made one yet. ArcSys stated that getting this series into the game is their big “pie in the sky”, but that it would be amazing if it ever did happen.

In addition to this, they also talked about a few other things, including how this would be the first time Under Night characters would receive English voices, and more.

You can check out the video below (warning, it is vertically oriented!). The relevant bit start at around 25 minutes into it.

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle is set to launch on PlayStation 4, Switch, and PC on May 31 in Japan, June 5 in North America, with a European release following soon after.

Source: Arc System Works (Facebook)

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