First US tournament in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle provides thrills at Anime Ascension 2018

By on April 3, 2018 at 10:00 am
blazblue cross tag battle bbtag key visual 750x400

The time has come to see how BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle fares in a tournament setting. Anime Ascension provided an open weekend for players to try out the upcoming game. Even more attractive for some is the fact that it’s the English version of the game, with new English voice dubbing.

Level Up Live streamed the action, and the below clip has close to two hours of the tournament that took place during the event. Several players have already found their way in the game, figuring out the general flow of assist combos and neutral. There’s a good variety of characters as well. This was a tag, single-elimination tournament, so it actually consisted of pairs of players. Team Big Bois stood out in particular, and one of the members who figured out some really good synergy between his characters. Who knew that two huge grapplers, Tager and Waldstein, would be a good combo?! Go figure.

Enjoy the action below, and check out our Anime Ascension 2018 results page for more details on how the tournament went.

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Source: Level Up Live

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