Capcom celebrated April Fool’s Day with “Hado Stone” — a Street Fighter V online card game featuring Ed (but not Blanka-chan)

By on April 1, 2018 at 11:49 pm

While we had some fun having the esteemed James Carlos Blanka Esq. (a.k.a. Jimmy) do some of the news over Easter, Capcom had other plans to celebrate April Fool’s Day. Over the weekend, they launched a Street Fighter-based online card game called Hado Stone.

The online card game features Ed, who’s been given a new backstory involving an “Ancient Warrior Deck” (inherited from his father) that he must now use in the “Hado Champions Cup in Osaka.” This is no ordinary card game however — as cards themselves are made from the titular “Hado Stone”. A long time ago the power of the Hado was sealed into the demonic stone. A wizard then turned the stone into the cards, which have then become the focus of bloody battles for over half a millennium.

Players must pick one of four hero cards and then create a deck of cards composed of various fighting games moves and techniques. Once they’ve created their deck, then can then face off against one of the Four Kings of Shadaloo. Hado Stone is actually still playable over on the official CFN site at the time of publication — probably not for much longer, however.

We had our guest Editor for Annoying Holidays and Hot Takes, Jimmy Blanka, give the game a spin — and these were his impressions.

blanka-chan avatarGame good, but lacks hero cards. Needs Blanka hero card — but would be OP, because Blanka greatest at card games! Blanka beat Dan every time in Magic: the Gathering. Free-to-play online card game market too saturated… Plush dolls better investment! Should have sold Blanka-chan doll in Hado Stone store.

That’s right, in addition to the Hado Stone game, Capcom also has a corresponding store with a number of goods, including an Ed dakimakura, Dhalsim’s afternoon tea set, Hado Stone expansion packs, as well the official Hado Stone comic book “Hado Stone: the Young Commander.” Sadly, majority of these goods either already sold out, or only sold domestically in Japan. That said — players can still download the free “Perfect Ed Cosplay” PDF.

Source: Capcom Fighters Network

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