April Fool’s Day 2018: Blanka wants to be in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

By on April 1, 2018 at 11:55 pm

BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle video has Story and Online Lobby Stuff — but no Blanka!

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Why would you play this game? GUUAAARR! There’s no Blanka! Blanka is the strongest!

This game is almost out… the people who made it want to show you more of it, I guess. But they don’t know their biggest mistake is leaving out Blanka! Blanka strong! This is a crossover game, I think? Yes — I can be in a crossover game. I fought folks with swords and weird powers, and some guy named “Goose”, I think? He was bigger than a goose. I beat them all, because I’m the best fighter. I could fight here too. I would win too! RAWR! GWAAWR! Because jungle make me strong!

I don’t know these people. Maybe some would be nice, be friends. I don’t know, game-maker not call Blanka, or even mama. If they’d call, I would think about it. Call Blanka! I have a phone now, very smart! Want to fight new people! RAAWWOOOH!

There is more about a Character Pack on April 19th coming — probably still no Blanka, so don’t bother. GRRRUMPH.

This stuff was found at: Arc System Works

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