April Fool’s Day 2018: Blanka thinks F.A.N.G is a bad man

By on April 1, 2018 at 11:57 pm

New character, maybe? But if they are F.A.N.G’s friend, they are not Blanka’s friend!

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VAAARRARRUUGH! F.A.N.G is bad man! I hate him! He try to hurt Blanka’s friends! He work for Bison — who is VERY BAD MAN! Go away F.A.N.G, I don’t want to know your back story, I hate you. I stop you from hurting friends.

Any friend of F.A.N.G is a bad person. GRRRARRAARR! Blanka will fight them. Why you need a new character anyway? Blanka is in the game now. Blanka is the strongest fighter, you should all just play Blanka! GAARRAARROOOH!

Guy who made video: VesperArcade

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