April Fool’s Day 2018: Blanka is stronger than Broly

By on April 1, 2018 at 11:58 pm

Lots of Broly stuff: Unblockable things and combo things, still not as strong as Blanka though!

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Why everyone so impressed with Broly? He look kinda like Blanka, but weaker. GWARROWR! WOWR! Blanka much stronger! Blanka would win. Broly not even canonical. Blanka is canonical! Blanka in every Street Fighter game ever. 3rd Strike doesn’t count, that happens AFTER Street Fighter V. Blanka not in that one yet, but will be someday! You should play Blanka in every game. HAWR HAWR HAWRRARROOOOH!

Broly has a friend, there’s stuff for him too.

rooflemonger made beginner combos, too easy for Blanka. Blanka is an expert.

desk makes fancy combos! Even if character is weak, he make them look good.

Dogura wants to be best Broly. He should try to be best Blanka! HAAROOROOOH! Maybe this is almost as good.

Unblock-able? EVERYTHING Blanka do is unblockable! I’m the best fighter! GWWARRR!

Wait… how you block if Broly has an unblockable? Blanka is confused.

Don’t send more Broly things. Send Blanka things, would make mama happy to know Blanka is famous! HAWR! HAWR! HAWR!

Makers of things: deskXusesGBrooflemongersikshot gamingJohnny Joestar

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