Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Bardock video roundup: 100% combos, resets, and more!

By on March 31, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Welcome back, West City Warriors! We can’t let you go into the weekend without some new videos for the latest DLC characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ. While a large source of new content on the net has obviously been the insanely strong Broly, let’s see first what science has discovered for Bardock:

Let’s start with some basics — NurseLee‘s Bardock combos are effective and damaging, making this video an excellent foundation for beginners to build from.

And for learning the basics of his tool kit, let’s turn to TGN Anime‘s move-set breakdown.

desk‘s combos for Bardock as choreographed and exciting as anything else this celebrity creator has put out.

Persona Entertainment has a number of 100% combos to show off for Goku’s dad.

And finally, let’s look at a bit of tech: RanserSSF4 shows how a single, simple reset can easily kill even if you started with 0 bars.

Thanks to everyone that has Spirit Bomb’d a tip in! If you see something that you think is worth sharing, be sure to lend us your energy here.

Sources: NurseLeedeskPersona EntertainmentTGN AnimeRanserSSF4

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