Dragon Ball FighterZ video roundup: Candy Beam de-scale, defensive tag OS, and more!

By on March 30, 2018 at 1:00 pm
DBFZ Vegeta

Greetings Dragon Ball fans! While I’m sure your still in the grips of the Broly and Bardock DLC (and if you missed our day one recap, you can find that here), don’t forget that there’s still more to discover with the main cast!

Let’s open up today’s video vault with rooflemonger, who demonstrates the strengths and weaknesses of the up-back tag OS.

Persona Entertainment shows off a 100% combo for the Prince of Saiyans.

Kid Buu’s Candy Beam will reset scaling once you combo after its capture state, as demonstrated by Mynus.

Diplomat1080p demonstrates the synergy Gotenks brings to the Gotenks/Goku/Vegeta team with his Ghost Super.

As always, Clayton “Final Showdown” Chapman is as innovative as he is prolific.

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