BornFree interviews Brian F about changes in fighting game design and balance in Street Fighter V

By on March 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm

BornFree’s interviews from Final Round 2018 continue, this time with UYU|Brian F. The conversation covers Street Fighter VDragon Ball FighterZ, and accessibility of fighting games.

The two open up by talking about how developers want to make their games easier to approach and thus enjoyed by a larger audience. Brian F stresses that this doesn’t make a game necessarily “easier,” but he notes a trend where execution is more streamlined. He also notes that things like auto-combos won’t help players much in the end. “DBFZ is really easy to play,” he says, “but if someone’s better than you, you don’t get to play.” One key factor he points out that’s important to casual players is good matchmaking, which should prevent lower-ranked players from facing opponents with much greater skill level.

Around minute 19:00, the discussion switches to the “Abigail problem” in Street Fighter V: The Arcade Edition. Brian F advises players to just keep playing, and dislikes when people discredit competitors based solely on their character choice.

Enjoy the insightful interview below!

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Source: BornFree

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