Mobile puzzle game “Ink Wars” has added Ryan Hart, Justin Wong, and more FGC celebrities as playable characters

By on March 28, 2018 at 12:00 pm
ink wars

As the FGC grows, its influence will show up in the unlikeliest of places… Take, for example, the case of the mobile puzzle game Ink Wars

While this game has kicked around on mobile platforms in some form since 2016, the game’s most recent character reveals features the stylized likenesses of multiple FGC players, including Ryan Hart, Justin Wong, Smug, Marn, and Gllty. But that’s just the surface — the gameplay itself is designed by long time fighting-game player Steven Wu, and the influence our genre has had is evident in the game’s mechanics.

You can get Ink Wars for free today at the Google PlayStore and iOS App Store.

Source: Ink Wars [press release]

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