Applications for Evo 2018 volunteer tournament judges are now open

By on March 27, 2018 at 10:30 am
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While many people come to Evo to either compete or just watch some great fighting game action, there are many people who also come looking to help out in the community. For any players who would like to do the latter, here’s some news you might want to check out: applications for volunteer tournament judges for Evo 2018 are now open. Players interested in helping out with brackets at Evo can head on over to the official application page.

As stated above, being a tournament judge at Evo is a volunteer position. However — despite this, judges will still get some great perks. This includes food for on both Friday and Saturday (as long as you are judging a tournament that day) as well as an official Evo tournament judge T-shirt.

The only requirements are a familiarity with running a double-elimination bracket, on top of passion for competitive gaming. Judges are also expected to take care of their own transportation and lodging at Evo.

Source: Evo (Twitter)

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