Injustice 2 Ground Zero SXSW Gaming 2018 results

By on March 24, 2018 at 4:00 pm

This past weekend, before Final Round 2018 kicked off in Atlanta, Georgia, several of the world’s finest Injustice 2 players headed to SXSW Gaming 2018 at the Austin Convention Center in Austin, Texas to compete for the lion’s share of a whopping $20,000 in prize money, with $6,000 going to the first-place victor. With no Echo Fox|Sonic Fox in sight to claim the glory, it was truly anyone’s game. The full prize breakdown for top 8 was as follows:




Injustice 2

1. ALG|Dragon (Black Adam, Aquaman)
2. bc|Biohazard (Bane, Starfire)
3. DF|Grr (The Atom, Bane)
4. Noble|Semiij (Catwoman)
5. RNG|WhiteBoi (Scarecrow)
5. CLN|Deoxys (Blue Beetle, Black Adam)
7. F3|DR Gross (Green Lantern, Aquaman)
7. bc|HoneyBee (The Flash, Doctor Fate)

Source: SXSW Gaming Esports

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