Kelot Cup 5 results

By on March 23, 2018 at 7:00 pm

While the first Master event of the 2018 Tekken World Tour was raging on at Final Round 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia, many top Japanese Tekken 7 players were conspicuous by their absence: as Kelot Cup 5 was being held in Tokyo, Japan. The fifth iteration of the semi-annual 3v3 Team Tournament, with nearly 100 different squads participating. Notably, the Yamasa trio of Nobi, Take, and Yuu were split up among three different teams, adding another interesting wrinkle of unpredictability into the proceedings.



Tekken 7

1. Next Time I Won’t Cry: COOASGAMES|Noroma (JACK-7), Yamasa|Take (Kazumi), Buts (Hwoarang)
2. MHW: Pikohan (Lee), Airuu (Dragunov),  Kuutan (Lili)
3. Chihiro Special Forces: Yamasa|Nobi (Dragunov), Nishi (Feng), Kagemaru (Josie)
3. TBS: Tamachi (Xiaoyu), Buppo (Paul), Tora Ken (Panda)
5. Flying Knee With MHW: Maimerochian (Lili), Nashimerochian (Lili), 12 Raaku (Katarina)
5. Suppa Muucho Meiki: Kanamaru (Claudio), Suppa Muucho (Katarina), Mouhitori no Boku (Josie)
5. Rougai to Hatsunabisetai: Niino (Nina), Nao (Feng), TRI:BAL (Nina)
5. Edishizeyo: Rakutarou (Steve), Osamu (Eddy), Masakarijin (Alisa)

The latest arcade collaboration, which includes new customizable items and costumes from the Bandai Namco Entertainment virtual reality game Summer Lesson, was also announced at the conclusion of the event.

Source: Yuu Nobi Gaming Live

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