BornFree interviews Nakkiel — one of the top Dragon Ball FighterZ players — at Final Round 2018

By on March 23, 2018 at 3:00 pm
Kid Buu DBFZ

BornFree continues to release his video interviews from Final Round 2018; this one captures a conversation with Nakkiel, shortly after he finished his initial Dragon Ball FighterZ pool at the events. Nakkiel — who hails from Seattle, Washington — plays multiple anime titles, but he has particularly became known for his play in Bandai Namco’s and Arc System Works’ latest fighter.

The conversation begins with the origin of Nakkiel’s tag, which comes from a song he used to listen to. He discovered Guilty Gear and then the forum site, Dustloop, and started to meet up with the fighting game community. They switch onto Dragon Ball FighterZ talk, which covers a number of topics; Nakkiel first encountered the game at Evolution 2017 but didn’t play it, and then got asked to present the game at PAX West in Seattle. He likes the neutral in the game, which he feels is a good synthesis of Marvel-style and air-dashers. He didn’t like the Vanish mechanic initially, but he has learned more about it since, and is planning on releasing some content about it.

The interview is much longer than usual ones, but it covers a lot of ground — including helpful advice and opinions about the upcoming DBFZ characters, Broly and Bardock. The latter parts dip into BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, and other video games Nakkiel likes to play.

BornFree has also recently conducted interviews with GO1 and MenaRD.

Source: BornFree

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