Injustice 2’s Legendary Edition patch goes live on March 22

By on March 21, 2018 at 9:00 am

As previously reported, Injustice 2 will be getting a “Legendary Edition” next week on March 27. However, for those who already have the game, the Legendary Edition is coming early via a patch this coming Thursday, March 22.

The patch is expected to bring new things into the game: new gear, skins, and even some balance changes. Most of these will likely be detailed in NetherRealm’s Watchtower stream, which is scheduled for 3:00 Central Time today.

However, one thing that is coming is that all players Regen Tokens will now be converted into credits. This was explained in a post in the Warner Bros’ Games forums as necessary to “maintain the integrity of the leveling mechanic”. This means, come the patch, both new players and veterans will start at an even playing field in pursuing the new level 30 playing cap. After this however, players can begin collecting Regen Tokens once again.

Source: WB Games via Test Your Might

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