Extend Chun-Li’s combos with these V-Trigger I Crush Counter confirms in Street Fighter V

By on March 21, 2018 at 8:00 pm

While a lot of Chun-Li mains have been using her second V-Trigger (Kikosho) since Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition released, V-Trigger I (Renkiko) is still a very strong V-Trigger in its own right. Its multi-hit buff to normals allows her a lot of options based on their increased hit-stun, and deals a load of damage on every successful touch.

As shown here, even from max range, getting a Crush Counter from forward roundhouse — newly added to Season 3 — can result in big damage. This shows two combo variations — one considered simple and one more advanced. Both, however, deal lots of damage and might give Chun-Li players more pause for consideration when tasked with choosing their V-Trigger.

Javits has been continuing to explore Chun-Li V-Trigger I tech, so have a look at what’s been compiled into this Twitter Moment.

Source: Javits

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