PQube is bringing BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle to Europe this summer, pre-orders now open

By on March 19, 2018 at 12:00 pm
blazblue cross tag battle logo trailer

For a while now, we’ve known about the release dates for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle for Japan and North America. But this begs the question — what about Europe? Well, now we have a general idea of when the game will be coming out in that region as well.

PQube has announced that they’re will be bringing BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle to Europe this summer. While Arc System Works will be self-publishing the game in Japan and North America, the UK-based publisher will be handling the game’s release on both PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch in Europe.

Though it’s not an exact date, at least Europeans now have a general idea of when they’ll be getting the game in their regions. More importantly, they know that they’ll be getting in just about the same time as other regions — something that hasn’t always been the case with Arc System Works fighting games.

For interested players, pre-orders for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle in Europe are now open on PQube’s online store.

In the meantime, check out the new European release trailer for the game below.

As for other regions, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle launches on PlayStation 4 and Switch on May 31 in Japan, and June 5 in North America.

Source: PQube

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