James Chen tests the gameplay speed of Super Street Fighter II Turbo in Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection at Final Round 2018

By on March 16, 2018 at 1:30 pm
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Some hands-on reassurance that Super Turbo won’t be racing out of control in the Anniversary Collection.

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After expectant Street Fighter fans saw the preview footage of Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection from PlayStation Underground, some concern arose about the speed that Super Street Fighter II Turbo appeared to be running at in the demo build — despite being played at only speed setting #1, Super Turbo was looking a little too turbo.

James Chen is on site at Final Round 2018, where Capcom has presented a build for attendees to try for themselves. Based on his own hands-on experience, it seems that the speed Super Turbo runs at is not actually as skewed as it appeared to be in the PlayStation Experience demo, thankfully. Have a look for yourselves in the video below!

We can also see in Chen’s video that a “versus” mode outside of the regular arcade mode structure is available for Super Turbo, the apparent lack of which was once of Maximilian’s criticisms in his time with an early build.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is expected to hit PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC in May 2018.

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Source: UltraChen TV

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