ARMS user icons added in latest Nintendo Switch system update

By on March 13, 2018 at 7:00 pm

For fans of ARMS on the Switch, the latest system update for Nintendo’s hybrid system offers new ways to show support for the game.

Among the many new features included in the version 5.0.0 system update for Nintendo’s Switch, are a bunch of new user icons that ARMS fans can use. Specifically, of the 24 new user icons added in the update, 15 are for ARMS, representing the 15 playable characters in the game (the rest are Kirby icons, in case you were wondering).

Of course, these new user icons are just a small part of the changes added to version 5.0.0: other changes include new social media integration as well as changes to how the Switch handles downloads of purchased games. You can check these out in the official change list.

Source: Nintendo

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