Hidden “Z-League” and “Raid Battle” islands have been found in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s lobby

By on March 12, 2018 at 9:00 am

For those wondering about what other forms of future content Bandai Namco may have in store for Dragon Ball Fighter Z, it seems that some hints have been found. It seems the game’s lobby holds some secrets off-camera that may point to what we can expect in the months to come.

Instead of a traditional menu, Dragon Ball FighterZ instead uses a 3D free-roaming online lobby where players can move their avatar to various islands to access the game’s modes. However, it seems that there are a few hidden islands just out of site.

Shesez recently uploaded a new episode of their Boundary Break video series, where they apply a free-roaming camera to explore Dragon Ball FighterZ. Here, they discovered that Dragon Ball FighterZ‘s lobby actually has two hidden islands.


The first of these is labelled “Z League,” and seems to hint at some sort of competitive league mode for the game. The island’s design features a golden bust of Mr. Satan (“Hercule” in the US), so it may indicate a form of tournament mode, similar to the Tenkaichi Budokai tournaments that happen in the original manga and anime.


The other one, however, is labeled “Raid Battle”. This is arguably more interesting, as it may hint at some sort of cooperative mode — at least if we apply how the word “raid” is used in other games — where players band together to achieve some goal. The island’s layout of a crater with a Saiyan pod in the middle seems to indicate that it involves some form of invasion. Perhaps teams of players will have to defend against a raid composed of other teams?


Of course, this is all speculation for now. In the meantime, you can check out Shesez’s video below for these, as well as other fun things that can be seen by moving the camera around freely.

Source: Shesez

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