Rumors about Geralt the Witcher appearing in SoulCalibur VI increase as CD Projekt RED teases crossover

By on March 9, 2018 at 9:00 am

As SoulCalibur VI developer Bandai Namco continues to slowly trickle out official news, eager fighting games turn to leaks and speculations to figure out the remaining characters. Many people have wondered whether Geralt from the popular RPG series The Witcher could make it into the game, seeing as he’s a skilled swordfighter (who is also capable of limited magic with Signs, which could easily fit with some of SoulCalibur‘s special moves). Now, there are more hints to fuel this line of speculation.

Recently, CD Projekt RED’s Community Lead Marcin Momot tweeted the following:

Momot specifically mentions “one of the upcoming games later this year,” which would align with SoulCalibur VI‘s release. Furthermore, the Witcher 3 was published in Europe by Bandai Namco. Some believe that Geralt would also be a great fit in Monster Hunter World, which is certainly true; however, that game is already out.

YouTuber rooflemonger believes Geralt would be a “perfect fit” in the game:

Dasvergeben is still providing some SoulCalibur VI rumors, but Geralt specifically wasn’t mentioned so far.

Sources: Marcin Momot; rooflemonger

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