Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup: Invincible move study, Fat Throw combos, and more!

By on March 8, 2018 at 12:00 pm
dbfz goku black sneer opening

“The stage is set for a meteoric match!”

Good afternoon, Dragon Ball fans! We’ve got another stack of Dragon Ball FighterZ footage for you to peruse: hopefully there’s something here you’ll want to take into the Hyperbolic Time Chamber with you.

Let’s start out with the main man himself, Goku. NurseLee leads us in with some simple BnBs for the series’ iconic protagonist.

“Subarashi!” Here’s a simple Goku Black option select from Pony that allows you to convert on 2H hit and keep the pressure up on block.

If you’re unsure of exactly what’s invincible in DBFZ, rooflemonger covers everything in the game with invincible properties.

He also shares soe Vegeta tips and tricks with us.

Frost Edge – TV shows the offensive synergy between Goku Blue and Android 18.

MrKingFunk breaks down how to connect Majin Buu’s Fat Throw attack with nearly all assists in the game — vital information for anyone wanting to quickly reset or kill opponents with the roundest Buu.

HapkidoRed shows us some high damage combos and resets with Hit.

Finally, we close out with sikshot gaming‘s breakdown of how to deal with Captain Ginyu on block. (RIP Milky Cannon glitch.)

As always, if you see anything worth sharing, let us know by submitting a tip for our next roundup. Thanks everyone!

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