Check out these combos for Omen of Sorrow’s Dr. Hyde and Vladislav III

By on March 8, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Back when we tried out AOne game’s Omen of Sorrow at Evo Japan, the game had two new additions, in the form of Dr. Hyde and Vladislav III. Now, AOne Game’s and ETC’s McFly have dropped a a couple of videos for these two, showing off some combos for them.

Now, we’ve talked about Dr. Hyde before — that said, the last time out, the focus was more on his zoning and keep-away game. In the video below however, we finally get a chance to see what he can do in terms of combos.

Vladislav III on the other hand is more of a counter-zoner, with a projectile that lets him teleport in on hit, as well as the ability to chain his normals in quick succession should he get in. When he does, the video below shows some things that he can pull off.

Source: ETC Chile

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