Team Liquid returns to Street Fighter V by signing Nemo and John Takeuchi

By on March 7, 2018 at 7:00 pm
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These signings are just the beginning of Team Liquid’s focus on Japanese esports.

Team Liquid has announced a return to Street Fighter V competition in a big way by announcing the opening of their new Alienware-partnered training facility in Los Angeles, and carrying that partnership even further by bringing AW|Nemo onto the team! This is part of a new effort to make inroads into the Japanese fighting game community — and ultimately a bigger impact on global competition overall — and if Nemo wasn’t enough SFV muscle to sign on, they’ve also announced that John Takeuchi is joining the team. Check out the announcement video below:

Nemo is a well-known threat in competitive Street Fighter; he made a big splash at Capcom Cup 2017 by breaking in through the Last Chance Qualifier and crushing opposition with his Urien, all the way to the finals. John Takeuchi really caught everyone’s eye with his deadly Rashid play at Evo Japan, going toe-to-toe with legendary players and holding his own. Expect to see both of these fighters making waves on the SFV circuit this year. Read more on Team Liquid’s website.

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