Out-ninjutsu your opponent with these Ibuki combos in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on March 7, 2018 at 3:00 pm

Meno is back with another great combo video. This time, they set their sight on Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s Ibuki. The ninja has received a couple of exciting tools in the latest version, so if you haven’t explored her in-depth yet, this is a great opportunity.

The notation of each combo is displayed at the top of the video for reference. The sequences are organized by screen position, starter, and resource usage, so it’s easy to find something for any situation. The latter sections of the video cover mostly heavy kick jump-ins and highly damaging routes. Several also have V-Trigger activations. Her second V-Trigger, the Fuma Shuriken, comes back like a boomerang — it’s not only a good combo tool, but it can also setup a cross-up reset situation, which can be seen around the 2:28 minute mark.

Refer to the full video below to learn how to catch opponents off-guard with Street Fighter V‘s (first) ninja:

Recently, Capcom discussed V-Trigger scaling for the character in a post.

Source: Meno

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