Dragon Ball FighterZ video roundup: Team Buu, Hellzone safe jump, and more!

By on March 6, 2018 at 12:00 pm
DBFZ Piccolo Victory

It’s another day in West City! Dragon Ball FighterZ continued to spirit bomb our inbox with tech videos. Let’s see what the FGC has been working on lately!

There’s been some talk lately about Vegeta’s value outside of an assist. Maybe this was the inspiration for rooflemonger tackling some Vegeta combos?

Speaking of Vegeta, sikshot gaming is back with his “On Block” video series. He’s tackling both Vegeta and Bluegeta in his latest video.

Famed KOF combo maker Persona Entertainment has continued to try his hand at the 100% possibilities of DBFZ.

Monkey D Vegetto demonstrates how unsafe it is to try and reflect Hellzone Grenade. There’s true lockdown potential here with this super!

Street Fighter V pro THE COOL KID93 wanted to show off his technology with Gotenks, particularly his synergy with Goku Blue.

Apolo Loussalier demonstrates the synergy of Team Buu.

Y. Xiao shows off how to combo after Krillin’s Destructo Disc!

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