Capcom discusses the damage scaling for Ibuki and Urien’s V-Triggers & upcoming bug fixes for Street Fighter V Arcade Edition

By on March 6, 2018 at 9:00 am

Coming into Street Fighter V Arcade Edition, Ibuki and Urien players may have noticed something “off” with their characters. Specifically, the damage scaling for their original V-Triggers was higher the second time they used it in a combo.

Some may have thought this was a glitch meant to be addressed in Street Fighter V Arcade Edition‘s upcoming patch. However, in a recent post on their Japanese site, Capcom has stated that the added scaling was intentional. Specifically, they pointed to the versatility of these V-Triggers, and that the increased scaling is intentional. That said, it seems the scaling will be adjusted again in the upcoming patch.

Speaking of the upcoming patch, they’ve also detailed some of the other changes that it will bring. These are mostly minor fixes addressing specific interactions that weren’t behaving as expected. These do however include some changes that may affect balance, including fixing the glitch where Urien would retain invincibility in certain situations using his Tyrant Pressure V-Trigger, as well as removing Abigail’s ability to cancel into V-Trigger from the first hit of his Abigail Punch.

You can read the translated notes below.

About Urien and Ibuki's V-Trigger scaling
  • For Urien’s Aegis Reflector (2nd mirror) and Ibuki’s Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd bomb), we’ve received feedback from the community that the scaling on these is higher when used in combos. Regarding this, we’d like to inform that this was an intentional decision, and that these are the reasons for it.
    • When the combo scaling applied will be 1 Hit (Same as 1 Attack Hitting)
      The increased combo scaling will not apply if Urien’s Aegis Reflector (2nd Mirror) or Ibuki’s Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb) hit as the first hit of a combo.
    • When the Combo Scaling Applied will be 2 Hits (Same as 2 Attacks Hitting)
      If the player incorporates Urien’s Aegis Reflector (2nd Mirror) or Ibuki’s Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb) as part of a combo, increased combo scaling will be applied.
  • Reason for Adjustment
    Due to the nature of Urien’s Aegis Reflector (2nd Mirror) or Ibuki’s Rokushaku Horokudama (2nd Bomb),  they can set up multiple high/low/throw mixups . Because of the many ways it can let players open an opponent up, we’ve decided to give them higher scaling when used in a combo.
  • About the Battle Adjustment List
    Although we’ve listed  “Upon activation, the counter for combo damage scaling has been increased from 1 hit to 2,” in the Battle Adjustment List under “Adjustments for V-Trigger activation”, we’re adding the specific notes for Urien and Ibuki under their respective sections in the Adjustment List.
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition upcoming bug fixes
  • Akuma
    • Bug: When performing his Rakan V-Skill against Ken’s Shinryuken, Akuma would move backwards upon performing the Rakan Gokyaku.
    • Fix: Adjusted the movement value for Rakan Gokyaku, eliminating this phenomenon.
  • Menat
    • Bug: Active frames for each of Menat’s normal throws without her crystal ball were only 2F.
    • Fix: Fixed so that the active frames for each of her normal throws is now 3F, which is the same as with the crystal ball.
  • Urien, Ibuki
    • Bug: When activating their V-Triggers Aegis Reflector and Rokushaku Horokudama against an opponent already in hitstun, one extra hit was added to the combo scaling count.
    • Fix: Fixed so that when  Aegis Reflector and Rokushaku Horokudama are activated in a combo, the combo scaling count is the same as before.
  • Urien
    • Bug: When his V-Skill Metallic Aura active, if Urien absorbs an attack with armor during the forward dash attack movement of Tyrant Blaze, Urien would gain complete invincibility for the remaining duration of the move.
    • Fix: Fixed so that Urien will no longer lose his hurtboxes after taking a hit against the armor of Tyrant Blaze with Metallic Aura active.
  • Abigail
    • Bug: Abigail could cancel the first hit of Abigail Punch (all strengths) into V-Trigger.
    • Fix: Fixed so that Abigail can no longer cancel into V-trigger from the first hit of Abigail Punch.
  • Abigail
    • Bug: The forward movement part of Abigail’s max-charge Metro Crash gained an unintended number of armor hits.
    • Fix: Fixed so the forward-movement part of Abigai’s max-charge Metro Crash now only has 2 hits of armor.
  • Laura
    • Bug: When cancelling a normal into her Shock Dance, the proper combo scaling would not be applied.
    • Fix: Fixed to apply the proper V-Trigger activation combo scaling when cancelling a normal into her Shock Dance.

As for when these changes will hit, no date has yet been given.

Source: Capcom

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