Dragon Ball FighterZ game system roundup: Overall game mechanics and other goodies

By on March 5, 2018 at 6:00 pm
DBFZ Shenron

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We’ve seen a lot of tech videos for Dragon Ball FighterZ come through our tipline, covering everything from team-building strategy, fundamental game mechanics, and combo after combo after combo, from throughout the game’s cast! Since the roundups were put together based on what came in when, and not sorted by subject, we’re re-compiling them to make it easier to find what you need. This time, let’s look at what we’ve seen so far covering the overall game mechanics — as well as some other fun stuff.

UM Tyrant opens up today’s post with a beginner’s guide to learning Dragon Ball FighterZ — appropriate, as DBFZ is certainly introducing new players to the world of the FGC.

Looking to grab as much Zeni as possible without losing precious practice time? BornFree wants you to know that those “Quest” pop ups are really not time consuming at all, and net you a smooth 25,000 Zeni.

If you’re a new player struggling to find your footing, rooflemonger has an excellent break down for defeating the (wildly overused) Homing Dash.

He also offers a couple of collections of tips both for new fighting game players and for players still learning subtle parts of DBFZ’s gameplay; not to mention a team-building guide, and a look at defense, too:

rooflemonger wants to help you understand how combos work in DBFZ — in particular, their damage scaling…

… And he’s also provided a thoughtful breakdown on the strengths and weaknesses of each assist, and some tips for training mode!

Zissou breaks down exactly how (comparatively long) assist recovery works in DBFZ.

Peter Souvannarath breaks down all the changes that occur when you activate Sparking Blast. Was there anything here you didn’t know about?

jmcrofts covers some system mechanics not taught in DBFZ’s training mode, such as reflect properties and Level 3 DHC’s.

BlaQNYC Vids gives an excellent breakdown on what to look for when trying to kill a Sparking opponent.

GLHFtv breaks down jump cancel scaling vs. 2H combo filler, and follows with a detailed breakdown on the usefulness of auto-combos in DBFZ.

superscience890 breaks down the health regeneration properties of DBFZ.

Omex K. put together both a brief video and google document for some character-specific gimmicks you need to know about!

This video from Final Showdown goes over some important metagame concepts players may need to learn, including reversal deflects.

Next he breaks down the game’s implementation of the series’s trademark beam struggles.

He also put together a fairly interesting study on the quest to find the best “fireball” in DBFZ.

sikshot gaming breaks down the defensive options that you can use versus the troublesome frame trap after a blocked Vanish.

Do you have a friend that is into the Super Smash Bros. series that wants to try out other fighters? Because even Smash YouTube giants like the Beefy Smash Doods are getting on board the DBFZ train with this beginner’s guide video.

desk injured his hand — and it’s still not enough to keep him from submitting 100% damage combos.

All the combo makers are jumping in on DBFZ: The King of Fighters combo maker COMBONAUTS released their own combo exhibitions!

Dragon Ball FighterZ has been so wildly successful, maybe the course is clear: the more Goku, the better. Only then will Bandai Namco have the power to crush Capcomarot…

Looking for tech for your favorite FighterZ? You can find some in our prior character-specific roundups!

As always, thanks to all content creators out there, and everyone that sent in tip! Keep an eye on Shoryuken for future DBFZ roundups!

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