Learn to force high damage mix-ups off of King’s Irish Whip in Tekken 7

By on March 4, 2018 at 6:00 pm

As Tekken 7′s primary grappler, King has a wide variety of command grabs — more, in fact, than most players know what to do with.

One command grab in particular that tends to get overlooked is King’s Irish Whip. This throw has a unique 1+2 break animation, with five extensions that re-position the opponent. Each extension has a different throw break, and one of them is even unbreakable!

With stage awareness and a willingness to learn some complex okizeme options, King can quickly shave off half of your opponent’s life bar with the opportunities the Irish Whip extensions provide. Check out J King‘s video above to see everything Irish Whip can do for your game!

Source: J King

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