Arc System Works has released the results of their BlazBlue 10th anniversary character popularity poll

By on March 3, 2018 at 2:00 pm

As part of the 10 year anniversary of the BlazBlue franchise for 2018, Arc System Works recently held a character popularity poll. The poll ran from last November all the way to this past January, and now, they’ve released the results.

The voting, which took place from November 20, 2017 up until January 31, 2018 saw BlazBlue fans given the ability to vote for their favorite character once a day. The poll saw a total of 77,819 votes from fans of the franchise.

For those curious about the results, Arc System Works has released to top 20 characters according to the poll, with actual vote numbers for the top 3.

BlazBlue 10th anniversary character poll results
  1. Ragna the Bloodedge  (6,620 votes)
  2. Hazama (4,974 votes)
  3. Hibiki Kohaku (4,861)
  4. Yuuki Terumi
  5. Jin Kisaragi
  6. Mai Natsume
  7. Celica A. Mercury
  8. Noel Vermillion
  9. \nu -13
  10. Es
  11. Makoto Nanaya
  12. λ-11
  13. Tsubaki Yayoi
  14. Rachel Alucard
  15. Platinum the Trinity
  16. Kokonoe
  17. Hakumen
  18. Nine the Phantom
  19. Naoto Kurogane
  20. Bullet

Pretty fitting that Arc System Works has announced the results — with Ragna on top — on his birthday, March 3!

Source: Arc System Works

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