NorCal Fight Club 3 player trailer, league format, and first round bracket

By on March 2, 2018 at 11:00 am

It’s finally here, folks! The premier tournament league series, NorCal Fight Club, has returned for its third iteration this time featuring Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. This event will be taking place at AFK Gamer Lounge in San Jose, CA this Friday to Sunday with the top eight finale next Friday at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Francisco.

15 players from various parts of northern California will be competing against each other in three round-robin style events (with a twist) and will conclude with a regular double-elimination tournament between the top eight. Pandora House released a hype trailer yesterday showcasing NorCal’s veteran (and upcoming) talent who were invited and qualified for NCF3.

The format for this round-robin style tournament series is not your typical one. Pandora House project and social media manager, Rose Sylvestre, outlines how this unorthodox format will out between the competitors:

  • Round Robin Format: All 15 players will be playing against one another within a course of three days.
  • Game Point Differential: Each game point will factor into your total score. The objective is to win as many games possible while losing as little as possible [i.e 3-0 score is worth more than 3-1 score because you gave up one game]
Introducing some brand new elements to the NCFC League:
  • Tower of Power: There will be three towers in total dividing the 15 competitors. Each tower will contain five competitors per day. The two competitors who score the most points that day for each tower will be deemed as “Leaders” and will stay in their respective towers, while the bottom three will shift to the neighboring tower to the right side.
  • Game Breaker System: In conjunction with the “Tower of Power,” we are implementing the “Game Breaker System.” Each individual tower will declare two Leaders after the end of Round 1. From Round 2 to Round 3, a player is able to obtain an additional (+3) points whenever they defeat a leader of their respective tower by defeating them in a first-to-three set. This means that not only are non-leaders able to get two chances against their leaders to obtain points, but the leaders themselves are eligible to gain points from one another in their tower as well. This will make the battle of power an interesting one.

Below is the first round bracket of players that will be playing against each other in each tower. The groups of players in each tower will change throughout the weekend as the series progresses.

For more info and updates on NorCal Fight Club 3, be sure to check out the Facebook event invites and Pandora House’s social media pages in the source links below.

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