Dragon Ball FighterZ character roundup: What we’ve seen so far for Gohan (Teen) and Gotenks

By on March 2, 2018 at 3:30 pm

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We’ve seen a lot of tech videos for Dragon Ball FighterZ come through our tipline, covering everything from team-building strategy, fundamental game mechanics, and combo after combo after combo, from throughout the game’s cast! Since the roundups were put together based on what came in when, not sorted by character, we’re re-compiling them by fighter to make it easier to find something for your individual team members.

This time, let’s look at what we’ve seen so far for Gotenks, and Gohan (Teen)!

We have one here exploring Teen Gohan’s potential maximum damage:

BlaQNYC Vids shows off the 4-way mix-up potential of Kid Gohan’s auto-combo.

David Bermudez gives the Teen version of Gohan some attention (with Cell and Goku Black assists):

Y. Xiao shows us an assortment of Teen Gohan combos, varying in practicality and flashiness.

Sword has a touch-of-death combo for the young Saiyan. It costs Sparking, but with only one assist and tremendous meter-building possibilities, it’s fairly inexpensive.

GFAnBi shares a tricky Cell-Gotenks restand with us.

As always, thanks to all content creators out there, and everyone that sent in tip! Keep an eye on Shoryuken for future DBFZ roundups!

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