Mix Up Night #37 results and replays

By on February 28, 2018 at 12:00 pm

This past weekend, 21 of Japan’s finest fighters gathered in Osaka for the 37th installment of the montly(ish) tournament series, Mix Up Night. This month, the event played host to the recently-released Dragon Ball FighterZ, giving a chance to see the power levels of the Land of the Rising Sun’s greatest warriors on full display.


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Dragon Ball FighterZ

1. CO|GO1 [Gohan (Adult)/Cell/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)] 2. KoujiKOG [Hit/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)/Android 16] 3. Chou (SuperBoy) [Gohan (Adult)/Goku Black/Android 16] 4. Woo [Gohan (Teen)/Gohan (Adult)/Vegeta (Super Saiyan] 5. BANBABAN [Kid Buu/Cell/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)] 5. Masayan [Cell/Goku (SSGSS)/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)] 7. Esuta [Goku (SSGSS)/Android 18/Trunks] 7. CO|Dogura [Kid Buu/Cell/Vegeta (Super Saiyan)]

You can see a full replay of all streamed matches below, courtesy of Jourdal.

After the Grand Finals, a victorious GO1 grabbed a microphone and channeled 2018 WWE Hall of Famer Bill Goldberg by proclaiming that, “You’re next, SonicFox!” (which you can see at the 3:31:50 mark). Following the Echo Fox member’s dominant 6-0 victory over Evil Genius’s Chris G (to win Winter Brawl 12), he responded with the infamous Kenshiro quote from Fist of the North Star: “Goichi, you are already dead!” as well as the following tweet.

With the likes of CO|GO1 and Dogura, GGP|Kazunoko, and other top Japanese players hopping in their space pods to invade Atlanta, Georgia at Final Round 2018 in March, will Fox and the other Z Fighters be able to defend the Earth from the colonization of Planet Vegeta? We’ll have to find out March 16-18th, at the Georgia Convention Center on the next episode of Dragon Ball FighterZ!

The Final Round staff have even gotten in on the fun, tweeting this poster of GO1 and SonicFox facing off — a la Beerus and Goku, in the official poster for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods.

Sources: Jourdal; SonicFox5000 (Twitter); hameko (Twitter); ATLfinalround (Twitter)

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