See Shadowgeist, Blair and Jack in these Fighting EX Layer character trailers

By on February 27, 2018 at 11:00 am

Following ARIKA’s livestream yesterday where they revealed their target release date for Fighting EX Layer, the studio have released two new character trailers — showing off Blair Dame, Jack (formerly known as Cracker Jack) and Shadowgeist.

While Blair looks quite similar to her Street Fighter EX/Fighting Layer incarnation, Jack has seen a major redesign, presumably to avoid any legal trouble with the famous snack food. Rather than a Vegas bouncer, Jack’s new look has him dressed as a rodeo cowboy, complete with spurs, ten-gallon hat and a lasso. He’s still got his trusty baseball bat though, bringing the old girl to bear for one of his supers.

As for the vigilante Shadowgeist, he’s retained his tokusatsu-esque costume, complete with cape and Minus Energy power belt. Like fellow superhero Skullomania, Shadowgeist has retained his Raging Demon-esque super, the Death Dream. At the end of his trailer, two silhouettes can be seen behind him, relating to the two remaining characters that will join Fighting EX Layer‘s launch roster. With one silhouette wielding a staff and the other a rifle of some kind, these two fighters may be Nanase and Sharon from Street Fighter EX 2.

Source: ARIKA

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