Blanka roundup for Street Fighter V: V-Trigger guide, combos, frame traps, and the dark secret of Blanka-chan

By on February 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm

Blanka’s had nearly a week to roll around in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition; let’s see a bit of what the community has been working on!

VesperArcade offers up both a combo and V-Trigger guide:

World-Warrior also has combos for you to try out, and some frame traps to learn:

Doopliss has been enjoying Blanka’s Story mode costume, apparently:

Want to see the pros giving Blanka a try? RektScrub has you covered.

Finally: BornFree, thanks to a tip from Future BornFree, learns the dark truth about the Blank-chan costume in this skit.

Thanks to everyone that sent in tips!

Sources: VesperArcade; World-Warrior; Doopliss; RektScrub; BornFree

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