Broly and Bardock’s profiles and stats are now up on the Dragon Ball FighterZ official site

By on February 22, 2018 at 11:00 am

Hot on the heels of giving us our first in game visuals of them, Bandai Namco Games has now put up the character pages for Broly and Bardock on the official Dragon Ball FighterZ website in Japan.

The profiles given for both fighters seem to give good indication of how they’ll play in the game. Specifically, Broly seems like he’ll play like a traditional “big body” character, with armor on his moves. His stats seem to support this with both power and reach rated as “SS”, while his speed is rated at a lowly “C”.

Goku’s dad Bardock on the other hand seems to be more of a rushdown chararcter. To this end, his power and speed are rated as “S”, but his reach is only rated as “B”, making him out to be a fast character meant to fight up close to his opponent. Interestingly enough, both characters are both rated as “S” in terms of ease of use.

In addition to these, we’re also given the names of what may be their super moves. Broly’s is the “Eraser Cannon”, while Bardock has the “Riot Javelin”. This is on top of the ultimate attack names we previously learned which are “Gigantic Meteor” for Broly, and “Revenger Assault” for Bardock.

Source: Dragon Ball FighterZ

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